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Hello and welcome to the Special Education Department. We take our roles in the New Bedford Public Schools very seriously and strive to provide the highest quality educational and therapeutic services to each of our students.

It is critical for all of us to promote integration, ensure equity, and create meaningful educational opportunities for all of our students. It is equally important for us to ensure that every student with a disability completes high school with the skills and resources they need to pursue their post-secondary goals. Our work is centered on our core beliefs and our vision that all students will complete high school life-ready, college-prepared, and/or career-ready for the 21st century. We believe in recognizing the worth of each individual, valuing differences, celebrating the diversity of our student population, and integrating general and special education students for the enrichment of all.

The New Bedford Public Schools provides special education programs and services for approximately 3,000 students with disabilities including approximately from preschool to age 22. Special education and related services provided to these students reflect evidence based instructional practices and are delivered in accordance with legal mandates.

The New Bedford Public Schools houses some of the most specialized programs in the area; including autism, deaf and hard of hearing, medically fragile, comprehensive behavioral intervention and transitional resource programs.

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All PAC meetings will be held at the Community Room at:

Keith Middle School
225 Hathaway Blvd.
New Bedford

6/10/21 - 5:30PM via Zoom

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Sandra Ford Executive Director for
Special Education and Student Services 
Dina Machado Special Education
Instructional Supervisor
Kathleen Mackenzie Special Education Supervisor
of Clinical and Behavioral Services
Elizabeth Camara Special Education
Supervisor, NBHS

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