“Mindfulness is the human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.”(Mindful.org)
Mindfulness is a practice of training the mind to pay attention, on purpose with kindness and curiosity to what is happening in the present moment. The New Bedford School District has partnered with The Mindful Collaborative to establish a mindful culture throughout the district. Mindfulness helps build resilience in the face of life’s inevitable stresses. Mindfulness does not eliminate difficulties, but helps to change our relationship with those difficulties, transforming habitual patterns of reactivity into compassionate self-awareness. Mindfulness can help to improve attention, memory, and organizational skills, all while giving us the tools we need to help better manage stress.

Mindfulness Programming Opportunities in the District:

Whole School Programming (2019/2020 Taylor, Winslow, Congdon, Devalles

Mindfulness Classroom Instruction for Students/Athletes

Mindfulness Training for Staff/Professional Development

Mindfulness Training for Parents and The Community

Contact Jariel or Julie to Learn More About Mindfulness Programming:

Jariel Julie Mindfulness

Jariel Vergne - District Wraparound Manager Julie Paquette - The Mindful Collaborative

New Bedford Public Schools Mindfulness Specialist - NBPS Consultant (508) 997-4511 ext. 14105 (619) 436-6929


The Mindful Council
NBPS Educators Practicing Mindfulness & Integrating it into Their Work with Peers and Students to Promote Wellness and Positive Learning Outcomes


Lisa Carney
Lisa Carney
"As a New Bedford Public School teacher for over twenty years, my mission to teach mindfully and foster relationships with my students, has brought compassion, self regulation and coping skills into the classroom. These valuable skills allow my students to grow academically as well as socially. Since attaining my certification in Mindfulness, I am also sharing Mindfulness skills with my colleagues through professional development."

Shauneen Milton
Shauneen Milton 
"Mindfulness has impacted my 2nd grade classroom in many positive ways. Our mindful minutes create a calm climate that allows my students’ glitter to settle and be ready for what lies ahead. Mindfulness has helped so many of my students to self-regulate. It empowers students to recognize and manage their emotions. I love how it helps them to think before they react, at such a young age. Sending kind wishes to others or themselves, at the end of our mindfulness session each day, has really helped foster kindness within my classroom." 

Cheryl Rocha
Cheryl Rocha 
"As a certified mindfulness teacher and occupational therapist, I enjoy blending occupational therapy and mindfulness when working with teachers and students. The benefits of mindfulness are countless. Mindfulness has been a true inspiration in my life and I want to share this with others."
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Deb Suprenant
Deb Surprenant "My students have learned how to self regulate, practice kindness, show sympathy, value other’s perspectives, pay attention and much more through practicing the principles of mindfulness. I’m grateful that our district has recognized its importance. I have been practicing mindfulness and meditation for several years and have found it a valuable life skill and free resource to access anywhere at anytime. Game changer!" 
To thine own self be true"

The Mindful Council in Action with Students
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