Family Institute for Student Success

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Family Institute for Student Success 

The Family Institute for Student Success (FISS) is an opportunity awarded to New Bedford Public Schools by the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to create a parent educational pathway to empower parents and families to feel connected to the school and to their child's educational journey.

New Bedford Public Schools has worked with the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) to bring FISS to the district as a way to educate, engage, and empower families in New Bedford.  Sessions cover information related to fostering self-esteem in children, utilizing positive discipline, understanding Common Core standards, the school system, and college requirements.

For more information about FISS, contact Orlenda Jackson at  More information about PIQE can be found at

FISS  Graduation at HayMac

For more information about FISS in New Bedford, click the links below: 

FISS Graduation for Mujeres Victoriosas (Victorious Women) Group - April 2021